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Poetry."Un grand instant", by Olivier Barbarant

"Now what is the whole life lost in the ocean of eternity, if not" a great moment "? »: It is from Vladimir Jankélévitch (La Mort, Flammarion, 1966) that Olivier Barbarant borrows the title of his eighth collection, Un grand instant, just awarded the Apollinaire Prize.A life, therefore.He was born in 1966 , in the “mid-century”.If one recognizes his voice in this beautiful collection, the variety of poetic forms - verses, proses, couplets, sonnet - makes these memories “Harlequin fabrics”.

A sensory journey, from a village in the Aisne."At the moment of dying what would be the moments/that I would have to see again?/A childhood barn/sip of mirabelles"; the muzzle of a fox; a river “from which springs/a whole life: drops of water, a little pearl.” Fervor of the loves of youth, remembrance of embraces: several male names, but a unique woman, Bérénice - “To the one who was dance."If he himself has aged, he is faithful to his desires.Admirer of Colette," he does not believe in art without the body."Irony tempers lyricism.And the verses of a poem, The Last Confession, prefer to grandiloquence "this poor phantom of a song which will never be but the shadow/of the one that one carries within oneself".

Specialist in Aragon (he edited the edition of his Poetic Works in "La Pléiade", 2007), Barbarant affirmed, in Je ne suis pas Victor Hugo (Champ Vallon, 2007): "A man is not made that intimate time.The story here recalls the count of migrants who have crossed seas.But it does not eclipse the fate of poets, from dazzling to loss.

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